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It's almost launch date!

Hey Scouts 👋

Our launch date is almost here 🎉

We know you’re excited – so far, over 400 agents have signed up to our waiting list.

In fact, we’re so excited to have you join the Scout community, that we just couldn’t wait.

So starting today, we’re opening up early access!

If you want to be the first to:

📍Find qualified leads in your area using pre-built customer profiles

💨 Speed up your cold calling process with proven (and personalized) sales templates and one-click sending

⏰ Save hours each week on prospecting, so you only focus on closing

🤖 And basically turn into a lead-generating machine

Now’s your chance!

We’re only taking 20 people for this first round of early access, so make sure you’re one of them!

We’ve already gotten a great response from agents who have tested Scout👏🏽

Here’s some of the things they had to say:

“It was literally 4 phone calls - if you don’t count family, this was the easiest listing I’ve ever gotten.”

“I started this year thinking I had a stretch goal of $100,000, now I’ve already increased my goal to $132,000 and think I’m going to pass that comfortably.”

“Holy sh*t... I didn't even know that lead generation strategies like these were possible. This seriously makes me question everything I ever knew about sales.”

So if you want to be the first agent in your area with the power of Scout on your side, get early access now and book a call with our team today or reserve your zip codes!


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