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Scout helps you connect with your customers at half the cost in half the time



Max 3 Zip Codes


Waitlist Members


Zip Codes Reserved


Data Points

Stop competing for customers

Reserve Up To 3 Zip Codes

You'll get exclusive use of the data in your zip codes for as long as you use Scout. That means that you'll be light years ahead in your market.

Get Credits Towards Scout

We'll credit you for the amount that you pay to reserve each zip code. Your credits can be used towards running campaigns or to enrich contact information.

It's Fully Refundable

If you decide you don't want to use a zip code, we'll issue you a new one, credit it back to your account, or refund you, so you're never out of pocket.*

* 30 day refund policy

What our clients say

"The reaction to the marketing was really amazing. I've knocked on doors, I've cold called, I've done snail mail... this was amazing!!! Now the hard part is going to be keeping it a secret!"

"I started this year thinking I had a stretch goal of $100,000, now I’ve already increased my goal to $132,000 and think I’m going to pass that comfortably. It's incredible to think that I can have this all to myself..."

"If you don’t count working with family, this was the easiest sale I’ve ever gotten..."

"Holy sh*t... I didn't even know that marketing strategies like these were possible. This seriously makes me question everything I ever knew about sales."

What else they're saying...

Thank you Scout!! You are awesome! That's heartfelt with 22 years of sales experience behind it!

I am floating on Cloud 9... thank you for helping me with something I could never do on my own! 

If you're looking to boost your business you've come to the right place! Thank you from the very bottom of my heart! 

This has helped me take my business to the level it was years ago! 

I’m making more money now than I did before. I have more time now for my family. I don’t need to stress as much about worrying where my next listing is going to come from.

I'm absolutely blown away by these digital marketing strategies and lead generation ideas and techniques...

I recommend Scout to anybody looking for FIVE STAR SERVICE!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Just one of the these deals will bring me at least 100 times what I’ve paid in. 

The team at Scout is hands down the best team... invested in your success

I've never seen anything close to this... and I've been doing this a long time

The best of the best are using Scout

I can directly attribute over $45K dollars of profit to my first Scout campaign. And I can't even begin to add up how much more it's put in my pipeline...

Karen Hoover | Broker,  Resident Realty

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