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It takes extraordinary people working together to do extraordinary things. We've assembled the best and brightest to help you achieve your dreams.

Meet some of them below.


The Scout Story

Scout officially launched in the Summer of 2022, but has been on a pretty epic ride since long before then. From our beginnings as a real estate data and lead generation company, building out tech to help the real estate community get in touch with more clients to our days of sales training, we've tried to stay true to our mantra - bringing you the very best-in-class, cutting-edge, products and services that help you grow your business.

The Scout Team

WIth a diverse team from around the globe, spanning almost every sector and company size, we're ready to work together to help your business grow. And yes, we do include our clients as our team members, because they are the ones that we do all of this for. 


Our founding team


Our engineers


Our data geeks


Our clients

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Our partners


Yelp! fans


Our sales team


Our investors


Our attorney(s)


Furry companions

Backed by:

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Scout's Mission & Vision

To build world-class products and services that help you make better and stronger connections with your ideal customers. 



A world where local businesses can use the same data and technology that enterprise-level companies do, in order to bring the personalized touch and "small business" feel to their local customers, at scale.


We will do whatever it takes to provide a simpler and more affordable solution for you to establish more meaningful relationships with your target market.

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