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How to use Scout's Playground to build a lead gen machine (Part II)

In our last post we took you through a few ways to kickstart your creative by asking The Scout Playground to generate some blog post ideas, outlining them, putting pen to paper and getting a draft out, and then leveraging the post to drive organic and paid web traffic.

This week w're going to teach you how to take your marketing a step further with some ways to drive even more web traffic to your new blog post and build your following.

Get in front of the camera and turn it into a Tik-Tok / Instagram Reel / YouTube!

Video is everywhere these days, whether it's a short Tik-Tok, and instagram reel, or a YouTube channel.

With Scout, it's easy to script the entire clip.

Create a few Instagram Stories and Posts

Instagram is one of the best places to market yourself and there's no better way than a story that will show up in someone's feed. If you have enough followers to allow them to swipe to access links, even better! But, if not, you can always include a link in your linktree and direct someone to your blog that way as well!

Promote your post through a newsletter

Your email list is your biggest asset, so use it wisely. If you've kept clean records, you should be able to create an effective email campaign that will build awareness and keep you top of mind in your prospects and customers' eyes.

Looking for more ways to promote your posts?

You'll never run out of ideas with Scout. If there's a question, just ask.

Looking to try some of these prompts? We've got hundreds more in our Playground and in our Book of Prompts. Just sign up for Scout to access them all.


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