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Engage more customers using Scout's new Campaign Library

We're getting closer to letting you unlock the highest performing campaigns, nationwide, with just the click of a button!

If you've been using Scout for a while, you know how powerful each of our campaigns can be, when it comes to providing value to make your customers engage and take action! You probably also know how closely we've guarded these campaigns to make sure that you're the only one with access to them.

Well, we're not about to let the secret out, but soon, you'll have full access to browse through our highest performing and most demanded campaigns to quickly and easily get them up and running in just a few short minutes.

Introducing.... the Scout campaign library!

When you create your account, you'll be able to log into Scout, choose a high performing campaign that best suits your goals, and just hit send.

It's that simple!

To make things simple, you'll have access to Featured and Recommended Campaigns, which are the most effective and requested campaigns for a certain industry.

For example, this Featured Campaigns for the Auto Dealer industry allows Auto Dealers to pinpoint the owners of certain types of cars in their neighborhood and reach out to them about purchasing or servicing a car.

While Featured and Recommended Campaigns for the Real Estate Brokerage industry might include campaigns to let owners of a certain street know about similar sales on that block, inform them about new listings, or let people who are likely to sell know that there are active buyers in an area.

We can't wait to see which campaigns you run first! We'll have more information on new features and the waitlist over the next few weeks, so make sure to be on the lookout! Be sure to follow our Facebook Page and our LinkedIn for the latest content.


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