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T3 Sixty Names Scout Winner of 2023 Pitch Battle Competition at Tech Summit

FORT WORTH (October 31, 2023) – Judges and attendees at the T3 Sixty Tech Summit voted Scout as the winner of the second annual "Pitch Battle" competition between 16 real estate tech companies. Judges were made up of individuals from companies such as Leading RE, @Properties, Stellar MLS, Zillow, TotalBrokerage, Howard Hannah, Constellation, and Elm Street.

T3 Sixty hosted this year's Pitch Battle in Fort Worth, Texas with sponsorship from Lone Wolf, Moderne Ventures, LocalizeOS, Zillow, ShowingTime, Costar, and more. The conference provided an opportunity for AI companies to showcase innovative new tools and resources for the residential real estate industry.

The top prize was awarded to Scout, a startup based in New York, NY, which utilizes AI to help build stronger and more meaningful connections with prospects and customers through the use of data and AI. The platform pulls real-time data and uses AI to create content tailored to each company and personalized for each recipient while offering automation to manage engagement.

In the winning pitch, Drew Fabrikant, the CEO of Scout, showcased how the tool helps agents determine what to say, who to say it to, and when to say it, creating more effective sales outreach. As Fabrikant showcased the product, the audience also saw Scout's ability to train each user's account on their company-specific documents, providing for brand consistency across an entire user-base.

"Our mission is to help build deeper and more meaningful relationships" Fabrikant said. "We're here to prove that personalization and scale do not need to be mutually exclusive and that success should not be limited by the amount of time you spend in a CRM."

Scout will be awarded a cash prize, along with services from some of the most recognizable names in real estate and technology, like Constellation1, T3 Sixty, and Red Tail Creative.

The competition was broken into 16 contestants, in four categories, battling it out for the top spot (winners in bold):

Workflow & Automations

  • Final Offer

  • ListAssist AI

  • Billions

  • Level Up

Client Experience & Engagement

  • Ask the Agent

  • VoiceFlip

  • Rayse

  • DO Audio Tours

Lead Nurture & Conversion:

  • LandOnEarth

  • LocalizeOS

  • Property Simple

  • RealtyTek

Demand Generation:

  • SphereBuilder

  • Addressable

  • Pure Leads Lab

  • Scout

About T3 Sixty

T3 Sixty is a trusted advisor and management consultancy in the residential real estate brokerage industry with business units in brokerage, technology, mergers and acquisitions, and organized real estate. The group also provides extensive research and reports, executive search and event management services. Clients include franchisors, brokerages, Realtor associations, MLS organizations, technology companies and brokerage industry investors and market analysts. Whether reorganizing, expanding or innovating, leaders and entrepreneurs rely on T3 Sixty's extensive experience and objective, analytical research to affect intelligent change.

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About Scout

Scout is a cutting-edge digital platform designed to revolutionize the way businesses connect with their audience. By harnessing hyper-personalized data and predictive analytics, Scout provides tailored email and marketing solutions, ensuring meaningful and effective communication. Trusted by top industry professionals, Scout's innovative approach has proven to significantly enhance engagement rates and business growth. Beyond just automated emails, Scout introduces the "Scout Playground," a secure, company-specific AI co-pilot, guiding users through marketing, sales, and operations based on their unique company ethos.

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