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Scout Named Top 20 Trailblazers: Rising Companies by T3 Sixty

This past week's T3 Sixty Tech Summit brought together esteemed real estate industry experts, as well as a spotlight on the Top 20 Companies noted not just for their technology, but also for their business acumen, naming Scout as one of them.

As defined by T3 Sixty , each of these rising stars is chosen for their groundbreaking work, be it in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, property management systems, or customer relationship management.

These companies stand out for their ability to leverage emerging technologies effectively, to fill existing gaps in the market, and to solve complex challenges that real estate professionals face daily.

“Scout's groundbreaking application is setting new standards in how real estate professionals operate. Scout's Playground is not just a tool but a game-changer, enabling agents and brokers to streamline their processes, saving them invaluable time. This allows them to concentrate on their core expertise: assisting clients in their home buying and selling journeys,” said Scout's CEO, Drew Fabrikant. "Simply put, in addition to 'What to say, Who to say it to, and How to say it', Scout is also helping brokers and agents do it through the lens of a brand's Mission, Vision, Values, and Tone."

“The evolution of Scout's AI features and its potential to further enhance the success of agents and brokers is something that has been needed in this industry for a long time,” Fabrikant added.

Scout was honored in the 3rd edition of T3 Sixty’s T3 Tech Guide, which will first be unveiled to the attendees of the T3 Tech Summit in Fort Worth, TX on Oct. 22nd, and subsequently made available to the general public.

Scout's AI-Driven App is meticulously crafted for the modern real estate broker and agent. It boasts a comprehensive marketing automation toolkit, an advanced data system, AI-driven guidance, and seamlessly fits into an agent's day-to-day activities. Notably, Scout has also introduced their Playground, an AI assistant designed to support real estate agents specifically based on company-specific data.

T3 Sixty’s event was hosted and moderated by the Executive Vice President of Technology Travis Saxton, over the course of 5 days, seeing more than 500 attendees.

Scout is the bridge between brokers and agents, flawlessly merging client intelligence, marketing, lead generation, and customer engagement. The app’s comprehensive toolkit equips agents to deliver unparalleled client experiences, fostering loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations. With in-built automation and data-driven insights, the app is a cornerstone for sustained success.

2023 has been a landmark year for Scout, with accolades pouring in. Highlights include being selected for the Technology Stage at Blueprint, being nominated by Inman as a Top Tech Tool to Watch, and being selected to compete in the T3 Sixty Technology summit Pitch Battle.


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