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How Jessica Saved 4 Hours a Day Researching Prospects and Marketing With Scout

“I’m making more money now than I did before. I have more time now for my family. I don’t need to stress as much about worrying where my next listing is going to come from.”

– Jessica, Scout user in Texas

It’s always great to see how Scout can make a real difference in the lives of our users 🙌

This case study follows the success of a residential real estate agent who used Scout, a marketing automation platform, to automate the way she found new customers and reached out to them through email.

Jessica is a real estate agent in Katy, Texas. Like most agents, she was tired of throwing away time and money chasing down bad leads, as well as speaking with leads who were… less than friendly.

Scout allowed Jess to set up automated email campaigns that would target potential customers. With the platform, she was able to create detailed customer profiles to ensure her emails were sent to the right people. She was also able to set up a schedule for when emails were sent out, making sure that her emails were sent at the most optimal times.

The old way just wasn't working...

“When you go through bad lead after bad lead, you can start feeling bad yourself. Sometimes I’d get a few of those really bad calls where people are just being plain rude for no reason in a row, and I’d just need to take a break, grab some coffee and a granola bar, think about my kids, and reset to try and not get too demoralized.”

Although she already had a pretty decent client base, Jessica needed to nail a few more to achieve her goal of $100k by the end of the year.

She was spending 40% of her workday just on lead generation. Wasting hundreds of dollars on leads that weren’t panning out. Constantly looking through things like Zillow, Realtor, Trulia and a whole bunch of other ‘solutions’.

Then she tried Scout...

Jess used Scout to streamline her marketing efforts and save time and money. In addition to scheduling emails, the platform also allowed her to focus on the right customers.

During onboarding, Jessica and the team came up with a killer marketing journey that would get her in front of exactly the types of owners that she couldn't otherwise reach.

Within about 20 minutes, she was set up and had emails going out on her behalf each day.

In the first 10 days...

“In 10 days, I got in touch with over 54 leads, all of which were actually owners in my neighborhood. Some of them were responsive, but I know that at least 50% of them saw my name and opened my email!"

In the first month.


"Well, I put a nurture campaign in place and followed up with everyone that we sent an email to. It looks like 51 people want to either be kept in the loop, or should be buying or sell a home soon. This definitely is working!"

After 3 months...

"I had 2 signed lis

ting agreements. One of them in a buyer and a seller, and it looks like another 7 will convert at some point in the next year. I'm already thinking about other types of campaigns that I can run in new areas.”

Using Scout, Jessica was able to get:

💬 Leads who were actually interested in having a conversation

⏰ 4 hours of her day back

🏡 More time and energy to spend with her family

📈 300x her ROI

And that $100k goal? Jessica is now on track to make over $135k per year 💵

Since using Scout, Jess has seen a marked increase in her customer base. She’s now able to focus more on providing great service to her clients, and less on marketing. The automated emails have allowed her to reach people that she otherwise wouldn't have been able to get in touch with, resulting in more sales.

Overall, Jess is thrilled with the success that Scout has brought her. She’s able to save time and money while still being able to reach more potential customers. She’s now able to focus more on providing excellent customer service and less on marketing, resulting in increased sales and more satisfied customers.

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