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How to consistently generate high quality listing appointments with one simple email

discover what real estate agents are doing to land more listings (from $40K to $40M!)... without spending a dollar on leads or marketing

For real estate agents looking to work with more sellers and scale their business 
GENERATE   Your Own High Quality Leads
BOOK   More Listing Appointments
CLOSE   More Deals
Real-life results and revenue
Listing signed in 45 days
"With Scout we were able to land a $4M listing on our first campaign."
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Cindy Scholz
Founding agent at Compass in NYC and the Hamptons
Closed + $3M pipeline 6 months
"If we strictly talk ROI, I'm probably going to end up with around 70x after just 6 months."
Miguel Saba
Vice President, Compass Potomac, Maryland
Closed in first 3 months
"Need to humble brag a little bit, but I just got a $1.2M deal from an email template! Crazyyy! 🤯."
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Justin Brickman
All City Real Estate

Top Producers in Every Market


I can directly attribute over $45K dollars of profit to my first Scout campaign. And I can't even begin to add up how much more it's put in my pipeline...

Karen Hoover | Broker,  Resident Realty

We're ready to grow, are you?

$210K in listing revenue in 6 months with one simple email template!

Scout works for agents from any brokerage!

2024 Scout Holding Company

Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

Scout operates as a data and email automation platform. We refrain from engaging with "get rich quick" schemes or similar programs, and reserve the right to decline service at our discretion. Our services are exclusively tailored for established businesses. As a B2B company, we do not cater to beginners or individuals without active business operations. We do not endorse presenting new business opportunities.

Please note that any outcomes achieved by our clients are atypical. The results we showcase are not representative of typical outcomes. Our team comprises seasoned marketing professionals with extensive experience. The results displayed should not be construed as a guarantee of your own success.

Our assurance is contingent upon your completion of a comprehensive set of action items proven to drive success in the marketplace.

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