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Do you need a real estate agent?

Arriving at the decision to seek assistance with real estate has nothing to do with your success, or experience, in real estate thus far. Some of our clients have purchased and sold hundreds of homes on their own before contacting us. Others may be first-time purchasers or sellers.


You can think of a relationship with a real estate agent as a trusted guide that provides personalized solutions for reaching your real estate goals. The right agent is more than just someone that sends you listings or photographs your home. The right real estate agent is a partner on your journey through a complex transaction, providing assistance and experience at each turn, saving you time, money, and reducing unwanted stress.

Working with an experienced real estate agent gives you peace of mind and tangible benefits

Working with a real estate agent may seem like a burden, but it has been proven that agents maximize value, as it relates to pricing and time savings, and provides peace of mind. Studies by institutions like MIT, The Journal of Real Estate Research and the Journal of Housing Research, each have found that experienced agents are worth far more than the price you pay for them (which as a buyer, is absolutely nothing).


More likely to sell

In a study performed by MIT, it was found that homes sold by agents with more experience were 13% more likely to sell than those marketed by lesser experienced agents


Greater discounts

The Journal of Real Estate Research found that experienced buyers obtain 13% to 15% discounts, compared to inexperienced buyers do not receive discounts


Faster transactions

The Journal of Housing Research found that homes sold by experienced agents sell 32% (over 21 days) faster than those sold by lesser experienced agents

Top reasons to seek help from an agent

Even if you have found success in the past on your own, you may consider seeking the help of an agent:

First time buyer

First time real estate buyer
  • Have you saved enough for a down payment and do you know all of the other costs involved?

  • Do you know which neighborhoods cater to your needs?

  • Do you have an idea of what type of home is right for you?

  • Do you know how long the process takes and what is involved?

  • Are you up to date on local trends and the things that you want from your home?

First time seller

First time real estate seller
  • Do you know what home slike yours sell for in the market?

  • Which parts of your home need to be fixed or renovated for the greatest return on investment?

  • What type of marketing will attract the most buyers?

  • Are you familiar with timelines and what is involved at each step?

  • Should you stage your home?

  • Do you need someone to coordinate the listing and showings.

  • Can you negotiate pricing and terms on your own?

Experienced Investor

Real estate investor
  • Are you up to date on all local trends?

  • Do you have access to the best quality homes?

  • Do you have time to scour listings and coordinate phone calls?

  • Do you need someone to present new opportunities?

  • Do you need advice on local rental trends and zoning?

  • Are you looking to expand your network of buyers, sellers, and renters?


Moving Boxes
  • Do you need someone you can trust to help you establish a new residence?

  • Do you have local connections to your new market?

  • Do you need someone to coordinate your sale and purchase, or rental?

  • How will you begin your search or coordinate your move, remotely?

Financial Hardship

Thinking Man on Couch
  • Do you have options that will allow you to make the best decisions, whether selling, renting, financing, or otherwise?

  • If you have to sell your home quickly, how will you achieve that?

  • If there are liens on the home, will you need an expert to help explain that to a buyer?

  • Can you keep your emotions out of any negotiation process?

Inheriting Assets

Dollar Bill in Jar
  • Do you plan to use the home, or assets for a primary or secondary residence?

  • Are you planning on investing, or making that property an investment?

  • Do you know how local markets regulations work with respect to permitting and rent?

  • Do you still have strong ties to local service providers?

Financial Planning

Analysing the Data
  • Is real estate part of your financial plan?

  • Are you looking for passive rental income or a tax shield?

  • Have you considered all property type options?

  • Have you accounted for all of the costs involved?

  • Do you know how to manage the property or have a local manager who will?

Aging in Place

Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair
  • Are you looking for a creative way to stay in your home, but take your money out of it?

  • Do you need assistance selling, or working through paperwork and documentation?

  • Does your home need to be de-cluttered, or are there major renovations that will be needed to price competitively on the market?

  • Do you need someone with experience to help select the best options for you?


Distanced Couple
  • Will you be selling off assets, including your home?

  • Are you looking for an impartial advisor to help you figure out the best way to separate your assets?

  • Do you need the highest value possible or a sale in the shortest amount of time?

  • Will you be looking for a new home in a new area?

Scout offers access to the best real estate agents for any of your needs

The challenge of finding an experienced real estate agent that you can trust, that also meets the needs of your particular transaction is not an easy one. There are many agents that claim to be experts in their field, but cannot back up these claims. Salespeople will often say that they are the number one selling agent, or will have the best experience for your goals.  In fact, a study performed by Choice Home, found that over 67% of Americans do not trust the real estate agents that they meet.


Scout offers a unique experience. We diligence real estate agents based on their particular experience and expertise and match them to you based on your needs and goals. Scout has narrowed down the best-performing agents, nationwide, according to YOUR particular circumstances and based on THE BEST agents' qualifications for those circumstances.


When it comes to finding the right real estate agent, or advisor for your transaction, Scout ensures success with a trusted partner alongside you, no matter what comes your way.

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