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It's Officially The Best Market That Sellers Have Ever Seen.

Let's be honest, sellers care about two things. The first is getting the highest price, and the second is selling in the shortest amount of time. Statistically, we're now seeing sellers achieve both of those results in record numbers!

1) Homes Are Selling At The Highest Prices Ever

Median sales prices are at historic highs accross the country. According to Redfin data, homes have increased in value 8% since this time last year.

2) The Average Home Is Selling At Or Over Its Asking Price

According to the same data, the average discount from the listing price on a home is less than 1%. In typical markets we after see 2%-3% average discounts.

3) Homes Are Selling At Record Speed

Currently, in all areas covered by the data, over 26% of homes are in contract to be sold within 2 weeks of being listed!