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Your Real Estate Calendar

No matter where you are in the search, these are the general real estate themes throughout the calendar year.


New Year's resolutions... begin the process of moving and thinking of buying real estate.

  • Figure out your budget and the down payment that you can afford to make

  • Meet with mortgage lender to discuss qualification and documentation needed for pre approval

  • Obtain your pre-approval

  • It's a seller's market for winter homes


Valentine's day is just around the corner.

  • Start looking online for properties

  • Attend open houses

  • Get to know a few of the best real estate agents in the neighborhood


Spring buying season is right around the corner!

  • Continue to search online

  • Look at properties through open houses

  • Figure out where you want to live... location, location, location


April shower bring May flowers - homes will be prepped to look their best.

  • Make sure to lock down the best agent who specializes in sales in the neighborhood where you want to live

  • Seriously look at properties with intention of making an offer

  • April is the perfect time to list a property for sale and many buyers come out of hibernation


If you haven't found your dream property, continue to look with intention of making offers


  • Purchase property to close before start of new school year

  • Great time to list property or search

  • Many graduations, weddings so less competition when making an offer


  • It's the middle of buying season. Properties are being sold left and right.

  • Buyers still looking to purchase by end of summer

  • There are fewer high-end buyers for neighborhoods for primary homes


Market slows down because of vacation time Good time for last minute relocating buyers to purchase and be in a home by start of school


  • It's a slower time in market with back to school and many holidays

  • Activity picks up mid-month with buyers (most with no school aged children) who want to move before holidays and winter

  • If you missed the summer selling season, it's a good time to list before winter


If you've been looking for a discount, this is when you'll find it.

  • It's a great time to look to purchase and see discounts

  • If you want to close before the new year, you'll need to have some offers out

  • Consider dropping sales prices, if you haven't had serious offers


  • The market begins to slow down

  • It's a serious buyer's market with opportunities to negotiate and get a better deal

  • After Thanksgiving can be a good time to list, if your property is in excellent condition, to go up against the leftover housing stock


  • Buyer's dream market with little inventory and less competition

  • Great time to negotiate and not compete with other offers


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