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Make Your New House Feel Like a Home

Moving is such a pain. By the time you’re finally in your new home, you are faced with a long to-do list, and boxes to unpack and organize. All that work and stress in a new environment can make it difficult for you to feel at home in your new house. Luckily, there are a few different things you can do to help speed up the process so that you can feel at home sooner.

Personalize It

When you sell a house, your real estate agent or stager will tell you to depersonalize everything so potential buyers don’t get the impression that the house is someone else’s. Now that you've stopped looking at where you live with buyer’s eyes, unpack those items that truly represent you, your family, and your overall home aesthetic. Family photos, diplomas, your favorite decor… break out the items that give your home personality and start experimenting with where these items look best in your new abode.

Unpack Your Closet

The closet is one of the most intimate spaces in a person’s home. It holds all of your style secrets, and each garment likely has some memories attached to it. Unpacking your closet is a great way to help ease some of the anxiety that you may feel about being in a new home. It helps cultivate self-awareness in your new environment, which makes a place feel less foreign.

Make your Bed

When it comes to necessities, having your bed set up and dressed is right up there with unpacking your toothbrush, and making sure the electricity is turned on. When you make your bed, you solve one of the most primal questions humans have to answer every day: Where will I lay my head at night? Once you have that question answered, you can move on to any number of tasks knowing your core priorities are taken care of.

Set Up the Internet

Considering you are reading this article, you are not likely part of the 11 percent of American adults who do not use the internet. The web connects us to our family, friends, interests, and the daily news cycle. Without it, a person can feel disconnected from the world. Set up your computer, wireless router, modem, and anything else you use to browse the web as soon as possible so you can get back into your routine.

Plan Renovations and Repairs

If you want to get excited about your new home, a good place to start is through updating and customizing with renovations. While you can tackle these projects right away, you can start making notes about what you want and researching designs and materials online. Once you are ready, you can hire a general contractor to help execute your vision.

Use Scent to Your Advantage

Our sense of smell is directly connected to both our memories and emotions. You can use that connection to your benefit by filling up your new house with comforting scents. What scents work for you depend on your background and preferences, but here are a few easy ways to create a comforting environment and tap into the power of your olfactory system.

● Cook a favorite meal or bake a treat you associate with your childhood.

● Light your favorite candles.

● Clean your house using the same products you used in past homes.

● Make a batch of stove top potpourri with natural ingredients.

When moving into a new house, you likely feel tired and overwhelmed. Doing a few things to make your place feel like home can alleviate some of your stress. Start by personalizing your home with photos and decorations. Unpack your closet and make your bed so you will have clothes to wear and a place to sleep. Set up your internet as soon as possible so you can connect to the outside world and get back into your normal routines. Finally, your sense of smell directly affects your memories and emotions. Use familiar scents to create a sense of home.


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