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Class 1 | Building Your Virtual Office


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Join Scout x Laura L. Scott Coaching for a LIVE coaching webinar series will include: 


CLASS 1:  Your Virtual Office


This series will give you guidelines and suggestions to organize and conduct business using appropriate tools, resources, apps and market research in your virtual office.


  1. How to build an “at home” business environment that encourages productivity
  2. How to build a collaborative community with your sphere and clients
  3. How to do it SMART and RIGHT the first time


CLASS 2:  Keeping Clients Engaged (and Qualified)


In our first webinar we set the foundation for working productively from home or any remote location... #mobileagent 


In order to actually BE PRODUCTIVE, we have to constantly reach out to current leads, clients and any new lead sources, build a rapport and trust relationship with them, and provide guidance as to how to qualify for a purchase or simply STAY QUALIFIED.


Today we will explore and identify the “team” you need and the resources and tools you should use to communicate effectively with all you stakeholders (lawyers-in lawyer states, loan officers, title reps, insurance reps, home inspectors, appraisers and of course, clients, etc. 


Solid information and advice for building a rock solid business.


CLASS 3:  Building Digital Rapport


Building on what we learned in Classes 1 & 2, this webinar takes a DEEP DIVE into the skills and techniques needed to build online rapport and nurturing relationships in a digital space. You will be introduced to the secrets of top producers around the country. 


Learn how they are keeping deals alive, all while strengthening and building their client base. You will also learn what industries outside of real estate are doing and how they are keeping their clients “happy.”


Relationships matter, and are the key to acquiring life-long customers.



CLASS 4:  The Age of “New Normal”


Once this challenge is over, and it will end at some point, how do you prepare yourself for the future? In this webinar we will explore how to differentiate your business from the rest, closing techniques to use in our listing presentations, and how to effectively work with the “new normal” buyers and sellers.


If If today's challenges teach us anything besides preparedness, it will be that many will learn to fast track “remote” business skills. It is estimated that at least 25% or more will continue to work from home after the dust has settled... Will you be ready?



CLASS 5:  Futureproof Your Business


This is a fun one, but not for the faint of heart! 


In this webinar we are going to stretch your tech brain to new limits. You will be introduced to new and innovative tech tools and techniques specifically for : profit seeking, customer relationship management, automating your marketing, client retention and nurturing (building community), and really cool buyer and seller tools.


This is definitely a “not to be missed” session to future proof your business!



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