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Find local agents in any market, based on specificity and experience



See who really has the knowledge and access that you're looking for



Connect with local experts after we've vetted them for you - on your time

Leverage our team of experts

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Our Customer Success team ensures that you have the resources and guidance to maximize the value of your purchase or sale.
We specialize in:
  • Helping you identify the best local experts to get the deal done.
  • Tailoring our support to your unique needs and timing.
  • Engaging the best and most trusted service providers and helping you work with them throughout the process.
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Our essential tips for hiring a real estate agent. Never pay up front, find out how to check references, qualifications and relevant experience.

Tatiana, Buyer

"Beyond satisfied, I'm totally thrilled! Scout was there every time I needed them. Amazing phone support and quick responses. They were on top of it and were invested and committed from day one!" 

Cindy, Seller

"Scout found me an agent that actually got my apartment into contract and got me out of a bad scenario. Scout found wonderful  agents that were able to make life so much easier."

Matthew, Seller

"Scout, saves so much time reading through all of the reviews so you can focus on what's really important. Thanks so much for giving me faith in the brokerage process!"

Why people trust Scout

How our service works

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Set your goals

Whether you're buying, selling, looking for a valuation, or just need advice - we've got local experts for you

Get free real estate support from Scout
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Live support to educate you on the process and work alongside you, so you'll always be prepared for what's next

Scout is always free to use
Entirely free

We take a success fee from the agent when a deal closes, so that means $0 cost to you - we'll even save you money

The easiest way to ensure a successful purchase or sale


Choosing the right partner for the largest transaction of your life can feel overwhelming. We use data to find the best local experts with the experience that you're looking for, in seconds, interview them for you, and then help you work with them - at no cost - with no commitment. 


Find local sales agents with the skills needed to sell your property for the right price at the right time


Work with local experts who know the local markets better than anyone, and have access to the best properties for you


When you need someone who understands your investment strategy and can save you time in the process

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