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Find local experts with the skills needed to sell your high performing assets at the price you need


Work with local brokers who have a deep understanding of local markets and access to save you time and money


When you need someone who understands your operating strategy and can save you time in the process


Research agents on your own time, based on the criteria you choose, not as a result of markteing or when they decide to call you


Narrow down the results and compare experts quickly and easily


Use scout. to chat with the agents you choose - we'll handle all of the scheduling - so you don't have to worry about unwanted calls

It's really that easy, and there's no fee or obligation


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Can agents pay to be featured?

Scout's scores and recommendations cannot be bought, and we don’t play favorites (see above). Service providers can’t pay us to improve their ratings which means that you always get the best, based on your needs.

Who came up with the Scout Score?

Based on years of testing different methodologies, we've developed a proprietary algorithm that uses public and private data sources to find the best match, most likely to result in a successful pairings. The model used to determine the Scout Score was developed with input from hundreds of real estate professionals, consumers, and many other finance professionals who deeply understand the real estate industry. Thus, we created Scout to reflect the type of information we’ve identified as important when looking to buy or sell real estate.

How do I review the ratings?

Scout's ratings fall on a scale of 1 to 100, helping you quickly determine how relevant that service provider's experience is for what you're looking for. We show the top 50 most relevant agents, so that you can make the determination about all of them, yourself. We even built in search tools to let you prioritize some things over others, like time, date, price and location. You can always contact our concierge when assessing your options.

What if I decide I want to change agents?

Don't worry! Our concierge will take care of everything. If we can't improve the situation, we'll notify the agent and find a new match for you.

How much does it cost?

The service is 100% free to use with no obligation.

What is the Scout Score?

The Scout Score is how we identify the most relevant real estate service providers for your needs based on the information available about that service provider (primarily the previous transactions they’ve worked on). We create the rating using a mathematical model that considers both public and private information, in addition to the information we collect from other sources such as customer reviews. Simply put, the Scout Score shows you the most experienced service provider based on your specific needs.

How can I make sure that they're a good personality fit?

Our quantitative scores don’t factor in personality fit, but we’ll make sure that you’re prepared with all of the right questions to ask when evaluating your top matches.

Can some agents be favored over others?

No. The Scout Score is calculated using a mathematical model, and all service providers are evaluated by the same set of standards, compared to your criteria. We do not allow agents to incentivize us, and we won't promote one over another based on anything outside of your specific criteria.