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Chia-Yin Hwang

Chia-Yin Hwang

Chia-Yin Lois Hwang. Esq.
GW Law | The George Washington University

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13621 Roosevelt Ave Ste 413



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Chia-Yin Hwang

Chia-Yin Hwang is a Partner at Chia-Yin Lois Hwang. Esq. who practices in Flushing, New York as a real estate attorney. Chia-Yin has experience working on Residential real estate transactions throughout Manhattan and Queens on Single-Family, Condo, Land, and Multi-Family properties. Chia-Yin has handled over 13 transactions in the last year, from $356,000 to $770,000 and has worked on over $7,070,366 in transaction volume.

Chia-Yin graduated from GW Law | The George Washington University, became a member of the bar in 1989 and is currently actively licensed in the state of New York.

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